Beer Me! (Pool B)

Following a promising start in Pool A HERE, the Beer World Cup continued with Pool B.

After a heavy night out on Tuesday, I gallantly fought my way through my hangover on Wednesday night and nailed Pool B. The things I do for my love of rugby and beer…

The same rules as before apply so let’s get drinking!


First in Pool B is South Africa. The site I used for my beer purchases, sadly, didn’t have much choice for the Springboks so I went for a prior favourite, Savanna Dry Premium Cider – the first cider of the competition. So you aren’t missing the required information – it’s 5% ABV and has an apple-y aroma!

It’s undoubtedly a favourite of mine and takes me back to some great times. However, I may have done South Africa an injustice here. Whilst there is a place in the world for a nice, cold cider on a summer’s day, we haven’t had a summer’s day in England since early July. July of which year is anyone’s guess. Whilst this was enjoyable, and broke my hangover, it just isn’t an ale and there isn’t any punch too it.

Sorry South Africa, I chose poorly and you might be looking at an early exit!

Read more about Savanna HERE and follow here @SavannaCider_UK or here @SavannaCider


Next would’ve been Samoa, but like it’s island neighbours there was no beer to be found in the UK. Samoa Breweries is the main brewery and they make a very good lager called Vailima. Unfortunately, Samoa Breweries is now a subsidiary of a large soft drinks corporation, so you can go find your own links if you so please!


Back on track and heading north of the border to Scotland, we have Nessie’s Monster Mash by the Cairngorm Brewery. A not-so-strong 4.1% ale, which would be perfect for a session, it had a wonderful nutty flavour to go with a malty, hoppy punch.

Now obviously, this is Scotland, so I’d love to see them knocked out early doors, with their kilts trailing back over Hadrian’s Wall. But this is good. Very good, in fact. There’s a QF place up for grabs here, Scotland…

Read more about Cairngorm HERE and follow here @cairngormbrew


Japan was next. My memories of Japan were Asahi, Kirin and Sapporo and cans of plum wine (umeshu) from a vending machine at our hostel. I didn’t have high hopes, but was amazed at the selections available to me. The Kiuchi Brewery’s Hitachino Nest Amber Ale, at 6.0%, stuck out nicely and in the basket it went.

This turned out to be a lovely rich beer with a decent punch. I did let this beer down a little bit though – I had it with my dinner, which was an especially hot curry, and the curry flavours soon overtook the beer ones! However, this was still a wonderful beer and is right up there with Scotland.

Read more about Kiuchi HERE and follow here @kiuchibrewery (unsurprisingly, in Japanese!)


The United States drew the short straw – the day after the night before, and the fourth one of the night. I love the American craft beer scene and so went with Old Dominion Brewing Co’s Hop Mountain Pale Ale. This was truly a hop monster and a weighty 6.3% which meant I’d sleep well tonight.

The flavour was lovely and rich. Even though I got side-tracked playing with my dog for 20 minutes or so, it was still good when I came back to it. This is a tough group!

Read more about Old Dominion HERE and follow here @FoDoBrewing


Final Table

  1. Scotland
  2. United States
  3. Japan
  4. South Africa
  5. Samoa

Pool C will be here over the weekend (3 entrants) and with the bank holiday weekend I hope to do Pool D, too (a solid 5 entrants!)

As always, thanks to Steve F (@UpperTierSteve) for the idea, and don’t forgot to read Pool A HERE


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