Beer Me! (Pool C)

Following a promising start in Pool A HERE and Pool B HERE, the Beer World Cup continued with Pool C.

Now, I don’t want you to think I’m a stickler for the rule book, so some things are going to change… but I’ll tell you at the end!


First up in Pool C is Namibia. There wasn’t much choice here, so it was Windhoek all the way. It’s a not very potent 4%. And, well, that’s about it. It’s a lager and a pretty average one at that. To make you feel like I’m actually taking this seriously though, I did some digging around and the Windhoek website describes the taste as “long, rich and full”, amongst other superlatives. On a warm African evening, watching the sun set over the Okavango Delta, this is probably alright. On a cold evening watching the rain fall in South East London, it isn’t. Sorry!

Read more about Windhoek HERE and follow here @windhoek_beer


Next would’ve been Georgia and Tonga, but there was nothing to be found. If it helps, I’ve tried Georgian wine made from century’s old recipes, and it’s not bad. But it’s not beer. Joint 4th!


Staying south of the Equator, the Argentina entry was the very refreshing Quilmes. Slightly stronger than the Windhoek at 4.9% and infinitely more flavourful, it was still a bit disappointing. I’ve had this before and thought it was pretty good but again, tonight, I just wasn’t feeling it. Two beers into the group, and with 4 teams down, Pool C was looking like a whole load of rubbish.

Read more about Quilmes HERE and follow here @Quilmes_Cerveza


Finally, group favourites New Zealand. Clearly standing out on the rugby field, they NZ boys stood out in the brewery stakes, too, with Monteith’s Original Ale. Another low ABV at 4% but a solid, malty ale.

A small confession here, but I’ve visited the Monteith’s Brewery so this wasn’t a new one for me, and I’ve tried just about the entire range. Still, I wasn’t expecting this group to be so one-sided. Clearly Monteith’s travels well, but Quilmes and Windhoek don’t! If you’re ever passing through Greymouth, pop in!

Read more about Monteith’s HERE and follow here @MonteithsNZ


Final Table

  1. New Zealand
  2. Argentina
  3. Namibia
  4. Georgia / Tonga

Given my disappointment, I’ve decided that only one team will advance. The next spot will be taken by the best 3rd placed team. Sorry Argentina (I thought of putting a “don’t cry for me…” pun there but thought better of it). So anyway, Japan and Wales are back in with a chance!

As always, thanks to Steve F (@UpperTierSteve) for the idea, and don’t forgot to read Pool A HERE and Pool B Here



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