Kitted Out – Pool B

After the well received post about Pool A kits, Jack Fitzgerald is back again to harp on about the kits in Pool B.


Pool B

South Africa

2007 World Champions South Africa have a simple group this time around, however controversy surrounds their side. Racial tensions and rumoured corruption at SARU are poisoning their chances. Their kit has been produced in the same vain. A very classic green and gold has been tampered by a logo dispute. And it isn’t the Asics one. It’s lack of prominence of the Springbok, and priority of the protea is causing a bit of stir for Boks fans. As whole it’s not bad looking. Gold arms and collar breaks up the standard green. The change is a white, the standard colour, with the same design with green arms and collar.

Rating: 6/10


Pacific island nation Samoa have teamed up with Australian manufacturer BLK for a bit more of an unorthodox approach to rugby shirts. After wearing a Canterbury template in the autumn, Samoa have re-signed with the Kooga group. The Samoans have got one of the more interesting designs at this world cup. Based off the traditional arts of Samoa, the royal blue shirt has an intricate yet dynamic template, with BLK’s standard national flag at end of the left sleeve. It is really good for a nation that hasn’t exactly been the best in RWC history. The change is a white affair on the same template. Blue highlights on the sleeve too make these two kit some of the most inventive in the competition.

Rating: 7/10


Hosts of the 2019 Rugby World Cup, Japan, have once again signed a contract with premier rugby brand Canterbury. The Cherry Blossoms are a side who Canterbury and Pentland have had on their books since before the 1999 World Cup. This long relationship has really stood the test of time, with most Tier 1 nations having multiple manufacturers in the same time. This years shirt, in my humble opinion, is very traditional with a good finish. CCC have hit the spot with a red and white curved hoops, and unlike the past two World Cups, they are allowed to roam down the shirt. The collar has the loop template, which is the innovative style that both England and Ireland have. The change is the same template, but in a subtle blue and black that makes Japan look cool again, unlike their usual off the [square] peg blue. It makes the side look professional.

Rating: 10/10


Ah, Scotland. Home of the deep-fried Mars bar and tartan. And the latter is what Italian sportswear manufacturer Macron have used to spice up both the home and change kits. Who knew that the Scottish Rugby Union had it’s own tartan?! Well, you do now! The home is a very traditional navy blue with the tartan side panels, creating a instant classic that will go down with Scots and non-Scots alike. The pièce de résistance of this kit is the old school popped collar which keeps the whole thing together. The change is the same but in white. As far as I can see, this kit is beautiful although I’m getting bored with the white changes.

Rating: 9/10


The USA come into this World Cup with nothing to lose, but could pick up a few wins against fellow tier 2 nations Japan and Samoa and could challenge Scotland if they misfire. Australian brand BLK have given the Eagles two completely different kits but both are just as fussy. For the home, the USA have a dual centre band design, with a sublimated stars, to represent the flag. The bands are also on the sleeves. The overall trim is red. I’ll admit it, it is ugly and fussy. The change is a white hooped ensemble with a wide shoulder hoop in blue. The collar also has a blue trim. The sleeves also have a red hoop. On the shoulders, the sublimated stars make a come back. On the back, 3 red hoops may cause Adidas to have a lawsuit. Yet again it’s ugly and and the USA don’t deserve that.

Rating: 3/10


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