Beer Me! (Pool D)

It’s taken some time to get there, but Pool D is done, too, and it’s the first with a full complement of 5!

Following a promising start in Pool A HERE, Pool B HERE and Pool C HERE, the Beer World Cup Pool stages concludes with Pool D!


First up in Pool D is Romania with the tongue-twisting Timisoreana. I’d love to say something deep and meaningful, laced with jokes about vampires and spooky castles in Transylvania, but I can’t. This was a very shit, generic lager. If this was Eurovision, this would get nil points.

Read more about Timisoreana HERE and follow here @BereTimisoreana (not that you’d want to, and they’ll probably block me anyway!)


Second, and with little to beat comes Moosehead Pale Ale, a solid entry from Canada. Described on the website as “the beer that built the brewery”, this is a reddish ale but tasted a little lager-ish to start with. It did improve after a while, but it didn’t hit the heights.

Better than Romania, but there’s nothing much to write home about so far!

Read more about Moosehead HERE and follow here @MooseheadLager


Moving to the Six Nations trio, first up comes Italy and a solid Bock Rossa from Angelo Poretti. This was a really good tasting beer, lots of maltiness and… wait a minute – it’s part of the Carlsberg Group. I feel cheated.

I’ll press on though, as it’s actually a solid beer, 6% alcohol and hitting the right spots after two damp squibs. They do have their own website and Twitter account, so I’ll ignore the Carlsberg bit… a possible contender!

Read more about Birrificio Poretti HERE and follow here @BirraPoretti


Les Bleus (France, just in case my linguistic skills were confusing) come flying into the tournament with a leggy blonde bottle. La Biere des Sans Culottes Blonde Legere was a light, refreshing blonde and if I had to choose, probably slightly ahead if Italy, but I can see an occasion for both (like a Rugby World Cup, or a binge drinking session*)

Read more about the brewery HERE (I think!) and I can’t find a Twitter account!

*Drink responsibly.


And finally, from Ireland, where drinking is almost as popular as rugby, we have the Knock Knock Ned’s India Pale Ale by McGargles. This is an English style IPA from County Kildare and has romped this group. It’s got a lovely level of bitterness which lingers, a bit of citrus, something sweet going on and it went down well, even for a final one.

Read more about the brewery HERE and follow here @TheMcGargles


Final Table

  1. Ireland
  2. France
  3. Italy
  4. Canada
  5. Romania

So with the rule change from Pool C, as it was so bad, there’s a place left in the QF for a 3rd placed beverage.

From Pool A, there’s Wales and Purple Moose, which was a bit sour.

From Pool B, there’s Japan and Kiuchi with their rich, punchy curry accompaniment.

And from Pool D, there’s Italy.

To join the pool qualifiers of Australia, England, Scotland, USA, New Zealand, Ireland and France will be……..


Sorry Italy, it was a close call, but that Carlsberg thing lingered!

The Quarterfinals are:

Australia v USA
England v Scotland
New Zealand v France
Ireland v Japan

As always, thanks to Steve F (@UpperTierSteve) for the idea, and don’t forgot to read Pool A Here, Pool B Here, and Pool C Here!


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