Prediction Competition!

If you’ve been keeping up, I recently posted my predictions HERE and I decided I’d run a prediction league for during the group stages. I know many people have their own blogs, with their own predictions, but there’s nothing stopping you joining in!

All you need to do to enter is predict the outcome of EVERY match during the group stages.

For example:
England v Fiji – Fiji by 20
Australia v Uruguay – Australia by 70

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • For getting the right winner – 5 points
  • For getting the exact score – 10 points
  • Within 5 points – 5 points
  • Within 10 points – 2 points
  •  For predictions of wins over 50 points, you’ll get 1 point extra even if you predicted a 90 point win!

So say Fiji beat England by 17 points, that would get you 10 points (5 for winner plus 5 for within 5 points). And if Australia beat Uruguay by 55 points, you’d get 6 points (5 points for the winner, plus 1 bonus point for over 50!)

There are prizes for the person with the most points at the end.

Send your predictions to me at: or contact me on Twitter @redmanpe.

If you would prefer, I have a spreadsheet template with all the matches on, so let me know and I’ll forward that to you.

Don’t be shy if you don’t have much rugby knowledge, all are welcome!

Happy predicting!


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