Prediction competition update!

With 8 games played over a stunning weekend of rugby, I’ve now updated the scores and allocated the points.

As a reminder, you get:

  • 5 points for the right winner
  • 10 points for the exact score
  • 5 points for being within 5
  • 2 points for being within 10
  • 1 point for any scores over 50, of which there haven’t been any yet!

Firstly, congratulations to Ralph Lubkowski and Matt Lorrimore for nailing the Wales result – both predicted a 45 point win for the Leeks.

Secondly, congratulations to Paul Field who was the only person to predict a Japan win. I mean, seriously?

Of the other scores, nobody had Georgia beating Tonga, although Ben Heaton picked up 2 points by predicting Tonga by 3, so getting the score within 10 points. Stupid scoring system, I know!

Overall, the match which produced the best overall scoring was NZ v Argentina. Other than a handful, myself included, most thought it would be close, and it was!

So, here’s your table after 8 of the 40 pool matches:

David Prettyjohns 52
Matthew Lorrimore 52
Nora Rothrock 50
James Pargenter 50
Mick O’Brien 49
Ralph Lubkowski 47
Christopher Long 47 46
Maxime 45
Nick Redman 44
Paul Darville 44
Peter Redman 42
Steve Fisher 42
Matt Wallis 41
Rob Cook 41
Peter Allen 37
RugbyNZ_ 35
Jay Crame 34
Ben Heaton 34
Rich Smith 32
Paul Field 20
Average              42

Well done to David Prettyjohns and Matt Lorrimore who take the early lead, but remember: it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Well played, and onto Wednesday!


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