Prediction Update!

Sorry for the delay, but I spent the day yesterday struggling to contain my excitement over Nick Easter’s call up!

Anyway, here is the updated table after the weekend matches.

Congrats to Nora who got the England result spot on and Steve Fisher who got the SA result spot on, too!

As a result, Nora now has a clear gap at the top… but there’s still plenty to play for!

Nora Rothrock 129
Matthew Lorrimore 123
David Prettyjohns 122
Maxime 122
Peter Redman 118
Rich Smith 116
Ralph Lubkowski 115
Steve Fisher 114
Paul Darville 114
Mick O’Brien 113
Christopher Long 113 111
Rob Cook 109
RugbyNZ_ 108
James Pargeter 107
Nick Redman 104
Peter Allen 103
Matt Wallis 102
Jay Crame 99
Ben Heaton 96
Paul Field 64
Average            110

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