Prediction… after the pools!

Here’s the prediction competition updated after all the pool matches.

Apologies I wasn’t able to update more as I was travelling around – Excel on the iPad is rubbish!

However, we’ve now got a clear leader! Nora now leads by 15 points but it can all still change with 7 matches to go (I’m not including the 3rd place play-off, the most meaningless match ever!)

Please get your QF picks to me by lunchtime on Saturday!

Nora Rothrock 273
Christopher Long 258
David Prettyjohns 254 251
Peter Redman 247
Mick O’Brien 237
Maxime 237
Ralph Lubkowski 235
Rich Smith 232
Peter Allen 231
Matthew Lorrimore 230
Ben Heaton 227
Rob Cook 224
RugbyNZ_ 223
Nick Redman 219
Paul Darville 218
Steve Fisher 217
Jay Crame 211
Matt Wallis 205
James Pargeter 205
Paul Field 138

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