QF Prediction update!

Well, she stuck to her guns and supported the teams she wanted to win, but two late scores have whittled away Nora’s lead in the prediction competition.

For the South Africa game, nobody was spot on, but a few people were within a point or two. Two people tipped SA to lose and came up empty handed.

For the NZ game, we all had NZ winning a tight game. Ahem…

For the Ireland game, only Ralph and I had Argentina winning but we thought it would be close. Still, some points better than none.

And finally, most people had Australia winning comfortably except Nora and RugbyNZ_ who had tight Scotland wins.

The result of the above are that Nora got 9 points from the four games and a number of people got 20-25 points so the gap has closed!

With just three matches left, the standings are as follows:

Nora Rothrock 282
Christopher Long 278
David Prettyjohns 274
Peter Redman 272
http://www.rugbyvision.com 271
Ralph Lubkowski 260
Matthew Lorrimore 250
Rich Smith 249
Mick O’Brien 249
Maxime 249
Peter Allen 248
RugbyNZ_ 237
Steve Fisher 237
Nick Redman 234
Paul Darville 233
Jay Crame 231
Ben Heaton 227
Matt Wallis 225
Rob Cook 224
James Pargeter 222
Paul Field 155
Average            243

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