Prediction update!

Another week over, and only one more left *sob* but the prediction competition is tight. So tight, in fact, I’ve decided to include the meaningless match of the 3rd place play-off, too.

I had decided to omit this, but given the nature of results in this match in the past, anything could happen and throw it all wide open!

It was a good week for @rugbyvision and Christopher Long (@octonion) who both scooped 20 points. As a result, we have a new leader!

Please send my 3rd place and final predictions by Friday 5pm!

Here is your table:

Christopher Long 298
Nora Rothrock 296 291
David Prettyjohns 291
Peter Redman 279
Ralph Lubkowski 274
Matthew Lorrimore 265
Mick O’Brien 264
Peter Allen 262
Rich Smith 256
Maxime 254
RugbyNZ_ 252
Steve Fisher 251
Paul Darville 250
Nick Redman 241
Matt Wallis 237
Jay Crame 231
Ben Heaton 227
Rob Cook 224
James Pargeter 222
Paul Field 160

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