A long time coming

It’s been a while.

Since I last saw you all, a lot has happened. It’s been a year, so of course it would’ve. But let’s have a quick summary:

England dumped their coach (pretty much applicable in all major sports)
The RFU hired one who is an Aussie, a straight-talker and a winner. Mostly a winner.
The FA fired one, hired one and then fired one (technically both quit, but the push was coming)

Sarries ran wild on the pitch, snapping up all before them.
Chris Ashton ran wild in disciplinary hearings, snapping at Waller’s arm.

Britain excelled at the Olympics.
Bradley Wiggins excelled at dodging bullets, but not at dodging TUEs.

And just to show not everything changes:

The Cleveland Browns sucked last season.
The Cleveland Browns suck this season.

And here we are. Yes, other stuff happened too

On a personal level, Palace had a rubbish 2nd half of the season, Wasps valiantly lost two semi-finals and Surrey collapsed in a final again. So near and yet so far.

With Surrey off the horizon for a few months, I can bask in the unbeaten Wasps and the hope that Pardew’s three wins in a row take him towards the England job.

And I have an NFL trip upcoming to delight you with.

If you’re expecting different from before, you’ll be disappointed. I’m still opinionated, and rarely wrong.

Look forward to your comments and abuse in the near future.



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